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Eyewear Styling

Our dispensing opticians have the experience and skill to show you eyewear styles that will enhance your natural features so you can feel confident in your glasses.

Why not book in for a more in-depth, unique experience with Abi, our accredited Eyewear Stylist, for our Eyewear Colour and Style Consulation.


Style Personality Analysis

Your eyewear should represent who you are 

Maybe you like dramatic eyewear, classic eyewear, romantic styles or maybe you aren't sure what you like!

Let us delve in to your likes and dislikes, lifestyle and style personality so we can find a pair that really suits you as an individual.

Colour anaylsis

Using the theory of colour, we will discover tones and hues that will compliment your complexion and enhance your skin, hair and eye colour.

Facial Anaylsis

An in-depth analysis of the scale, positioning of your facial features and your unique face shape.

Here we will find out what eyewear shapes, sizes and fittings will work in harmony with your facial features.

Choose Your eyewear

Using our steps of analysis, Abi will then show you a selection of frames that will compliment your colour palette and facial features for an array of different parts of your lifestyle. This may include a pair for work, a pair for play, a pair for sports and a pair of sunglasses.

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