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Why Choose Rimless?

Choosing the right eyewear to suit you, your needs, your style and your comfort is a big ask. At the moment, we're loving rimless eyewear, and here's why you should consider trying some for your next pair!

  1. The comfort is unbeatable

We hear it time and time again - the comfort in a pair of rimless frames is incredible. Most people say they can't even feel them on their face! A brand like Silhouette for example, holds the title of Lightest Eyewear in the World, but all rimless frames share the same feature of being barely there. If you want something that you don't notice and can't feel, rimless is the way to go.

2. The Vision

Another key feature of rimless frames is that there's no 'border' around your vision. There's nothing that frames how you see the world, especially with a pair of anti-reflection lenses in your rimless. It's the closest you can get to wearing contact lenses, without actually wearing them. The uninterrupted vision is another key aspect of rimless frames, and why people love them.

3. Natural Look

A lot of people feel nervous when trialling new frames. Glasses can often feel out of place, or 'too much' on your face. Rimless frames are great in these circumstances because they have such a natural look. They don't stick out, or draw attention to your face, perfect for those with delicate facial features. Some people like a statement, and some people like to blend - rimless frames allow you to do just that!

4. Variety of Styles

Rimless frames now come in a huge variety of styles and shapes, with different details and colours. There is sure to be one you like the look of!

Pop in to Berkhamsted Eyecare today for your eyewear consultation.

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